Are you Looking for Fitness or Looking for a Coach?

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Are you Looking for Fitness or Looking for a Coach?

Generally speaking,  humans have never been so fitness (as we know it) orientated than we have seen over the last decade. While the industry has been around,  albeit in different forms,  for decades – the uptake from society has never been so strong.

With this rise of desire to seek improved health so too have new industries grown – in the age of technology we now have an app for nearly all aspects of fitness; from monitoring sleep to counting steps .. and everything inbetween!

This growth has opened up opportunities for gym owners,  gym members and tech companies alike. But at what point has the desire for fitness become too confusing for the end user? And furthermore are you looking for increased fitness or improved support surrounding your health habits?

Since day #1 you have had a mentor to look up to – in the early days it was your parents. You sought nuturing, education and moral guidance from them as you navigated the art of eating,  walking and writing! As the years passed,  this mentorship role then transferred to your teachers,  lecturers and professors as you progressed through the educational system. Arguably throughout this time frame there will also have been people whom inspired you ( Sport stars,  creative movers and music icons) yet they were not performing the role of a life mentor,  teaching new skills and helping you to problem solve. By early twenties we then find ourselves amidst the working world and while we have developed the skillset to perform our jobs in our chosen career,  we find ourselves lacking a mentor / educator to align our actions against.


In an ideal world,  we would have all the needed skills to operate as a fully functioning autonomous human being in every aspect of our being from family life, work progression,  social connections and health / fitness / self-care. We know this however is not the case. We also know one of the most neglected area’s is surrounding health / fitness  and self-care. Lets generally accept the point that no human wants to become unhealthy. It’s not a goal they set out to achieve although there’ll always be exceptions to the case. Lets accept that living a fit and healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our families form an important part of our life goals. Lets also accept that most are unsure of where to begin after years of lacking guidance and educationn in this realm while we progressed through school and University etc…

For many, the starting point is a local group fitness class – a logical step towards greater activity and fitness, and a step that has proved to be  influential in the success rate for millions of people. However not all success is created equal nor are all routes to percieved success healthy in the longrun.

While there are millions who have seen success,  there are also millions who have started, gave up, got injured,  felt inadequet,  felt lost …

It is for this reason we must pose the question are people in need of greater fitness OR in need of a mentor surrounding their Fitness – aka A Coach.

The answer to this question is obviously a massive point of discussion but a very worthy point of consideration prior to someone starting their journey to improved health / fitness / self-care. Just like with success,  not all Coaches are created equally – so here are some points to note when deciding if a Coach is worthy of your time and money:


  1. Any Coach worth their value will want to meet you in person prior to having you do a workout or any movement for that matter. This is an important step in the Coaching process. They will want to know your background,  training history,  lifestyle overview, injury summary,  medical history along with other aspects of behaviours and habits.
  2. An experienced Coach will take pride in what they can offer and will make it clear as to what to expect from the process. They will also have a format as to how the process will work.
  3. A Coach will want to know about your daily life choices surrounding food,  rest,  self-care and sleep. Most times they will ask for this to be tracked at the beginning of the process so as they can build a blueprint of you & your habits.
  4. A Coach will find out where they need to MEET YOU interms of movement and fitness to offer best solution to the issue’s at hand.
  5. A Coach will perform a movement screen prior to allowing you to do a full workout – this allows them to understand you,  your body,  your needs and potential risks, better.
  6. A Coach will want to speak with you daily / weekly so as to keep them informed of how you are feeling and how things are going in your new day to day habit creations.
  7. Most of all a Coach will show empathy to your situation,  offer honest advice, will help you regain ownership of health / fitness / self-care and allow you feel empowered by your progress.



Dara O’Boyle

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