Nutrition – Building Health from Within.

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Nutrition – Building Health from Within.

Food – it’s pretty important, it sustains us from our first day on earth to our last, it can make us happy, sad, tired or empowered. It allows us humans to create a social outlet and in some regards, our best memories involve food and friends – however we also know as a topic it is a minefield of misinformation, confusion and an array of beliefs surrounding what is ‘right ‘ and what is ‘wrong’.


The problem for most when trying to ‘figure it out’  when it comes to their eating regime is that a lot of the info offered to clients are based off personal belief systems. You only have to google ‘nutrition’ to be bombarded with an array of articles claiming to be ‘the best’ plans or why you should eat one way compared to another. This is the route to the confusion. As a whole, we all need to take a step back and look at food for what it is. We need to look at the facts and then adjust our eating habits accordingly. Just like with many other aspects of human health there are overriding facts – for example: Humans need oxygen to survive. This is not a belief, but a fact based off scientific principles. You can choose to believe otherwise … but the end result will be clear pretty quickly! It’s basic science.


With that said, Nutrition is a SCIENCE, rather than an opinion or a belief system. We need carbs, fats, proteins and many micronutrients to survive and thrive. When it comes to nutrition there is A LOT that people are unsure of,  which can make it difficult and confusing to know what or how to eat for better health. Us humans are complex systems, that should be treated like complex systems! We need to respect things that little bit more, when we do, the progress can be substantially greater.


It all starts with our cells, everything in our body starts with a single cell. Cells make our tissue, our tissue makes our organs, our organs make our systems, our systems make our entire body – Hence why we like to treat an individual as a complexed system! Our cells health dictates how we feel, look & think; therefore it is important to look after them and treat them as the building blocks of our health.  This simple understanding can also begin to help people take emotion out of the equation, which overtime, has a profound influence on adopting healthy habits. A win-win!


Why is good nutrition important to our cells? Well, because healthy, nourished cells work efficiently. Our bodies like efficiency, it wants to thrive,  and move,  and nourish and live life! The problem is that too many see food as an In/Out equation of calories and fat stores. This can really harm our cellular function and as a result can impact everything from our blood, our hormones and our organs. For example, if we have poor nutrition we often see how it can effect organs, in particular the skin. It can be very easy to identify poor nutrition by someone’s complexion and skin health. With some simple adjustments; drastic changes can be seen when we  begin to adopt a scientific approach and begin to (re) build health from within! Seriously … Who doesn’t want to strive for a healthy happy body?


By now, you may be wondering ‘Well where do I start!?’   That’s a simple answer – eat wholesome, nourishing foods. Eat plenty of colourful veggies,  fruits and vary your protein sources daily so as to include variance and range of source within your regime. This will all add up to the consumption of nutrient dense foods. Consuming nutrient dense whole foods promotes healthy cells, by keeping our cells healthy our tissues, organs and systems can function the way they are meant to and us humans as complex as we may be, can function at 100%. If you think about it, we really are building our health from within!




Coach Christina Butler

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