Use it or Abuse it, the choice is yours.

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Use it or Abuse it, the choice is yours.

They say ‘time waits for no man’ and this is certainly true when we apply it to health creation and health management. To een think we are about to enter into November is a lil crazy – where has the year gone!?

With that said, we once again find ourselves looking at a rather grim 6 weeks of a more restricted lifestyle,  however it doesn’t have to equate to poor health. the reality is the next 42days will pass,  you have a definite choice right now to either use them or abuse them: both outcomes require energy,  both outcomes are a simple choice away each day and most of all both outcomes are completely controllable by you.

It’s at this point we always hear the question – But Where / How do I start?

The answer is simple,  check out our 4 top tips to helping you get the most out of the coming 6-weeks!

 #1: Daily Routine Creation:

We know that routine and systemisation of working duties allow for higher level output,  this prinicple also rings through for personal care and self-improvement. Each day,  begin with a plan of action-points that you hope to carry out. For example,  get up 15minutes earlier and make that breakfast you know aligns with your nutritional goals,  put the headphones in at your designated lunch time and go for a walk around the local estate,  park,  town. Plan self-care into your day where you would normally have spent the time commuting to / from your work place!


#2: Waste Time to Help the Mind Unravel:

As humans,  society tells us that time is to be used wisely; but what if doing nothing is EXACTLY what the mind,  body and soul need to release stress,  internal anxiety and to help decompress the sense of isolation as the nights get darker and colder. Read a book, sit on a park bench,  go for a walk and listen to the sounds of nature. This will promote a sense of inner relaxation and allow the mind to feel ‘free’ once again. This sense of inner freedom is the starting point to any self growth or new motivational cycles – all of which are key for longterm habit change.

#3: Ask yourself more Questions:

Take 15mins each day and ask yourself why do you feel the mood you do,  why does the body feel tired,  sore,  stiff,  why do we lack motivation to cook healthy meals .. the list goes on! The question ‘Why’ is the most powerful question we can ask ourselves,  it will bring you to a point of honesty,  the source of all lifestyle changes. It will allow yout to begin to problem solve and help direct the day but also the days following interms of staying true to your reasons for training // eating // sleeping  // loving!


#4: Forecast your feelings to your new habits:

The holy grail of change! We see so many struggle with change and finding it hard to set new directions because they dwell on the current state of being  or even worse,  they fear the change that lies ahead– when it comes to helping yourself,  it’s massively influential on your mind to forecast your feelings when making a descion:

** for example:

How will I feel about myself if I went for a walk at lunch today rather than watch  TV on my sofa?

This will help you,  break through old mindset blocks and allow you to control once again so that each day for the next 42days are directed towards you and your health! When we acknowledge how we will feel,  we immediately buy into the idea which,  when it results in a positive action is the holy grail to complete long lasting change,  habit management … and longterm happiness!


So instead of getting sucked in to the cabin-fever lifestyle over the coming 42days,  see it as an opportunity to use free time to reset,  re-gain control and set yourself up for success! use the social connection offered through our #virtual Fitbox service,  reach out to the team,  join the nutritional Group,  part-take in our upcoming social events ( to be announced!).


JUst remember the time will pass,  it’s your choice whether this time is used or abused.

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