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We’ve got the perfect program for you regardless of your current experience or fitness goals. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because at FITBOX we’ve raised the bar for functional training with unique programs that all deliver an amazing workout. Whether you’re looking for the most intense workout in the world or you’re just interested in getting a great sweat in for 30 minutes…we’ve got you. Click here to get started with a free trial class or click on one of our programs below to find out more


Our primary offering ( and what we are so well known for!) is our strength & conditioning based training program which puts emphasis back on movement restoration ( or enhancement!) while developing real world strength and fitness ( the stuff that allows you to enjoy life!) Using a blend of Bodyweight movements, Kettlebells, Rowers,  Barbells and some Gymnastic based skills – it allows for, not only a fun way to realise optimal health, but also allows for superior fitness,  which can then be expressed any way you wish.


As the longest established Weightlifting Club in Dublin 15 – we know a thing or two about Olympic Weightlifting! With a fully designed 3 x day per week program,  both beginners and intermediate lifters can rest assured you will find what you’re looking for! Our Coaching Team have over 25 years of Weightlifting Coaching experience along with a tonne of ‘on the platform’ experience too! If Olympic Weightlifting is of interest – then come join us for a session!


With the rise of the #homegym since the pandemic began,  we now realise there is a greater desire for people to train at home whilst still following a superior training program that serves their goals and training ability. Our Remote Programming Service is a completely bespoke program design service. Work closely with your Coach on a weekly basis yet have the freedom of training in your home gym. Our program is delivered via an interactive app where you log your daily training along with with daily contact with your Coach regarding these training outcomes. Our Remote Programming Service is for those looking to really step into the world of performance training with a Coach.


Join us for a workout! Fill out the inquiry form below to get started.