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Such a friendly atmosphere from day1. Great coaching. Joined 7months ago and I definitely noticed some changes to my fitness level. Really good advices and pays great attention to each member. Thanks guys!

Vivian Man

The best in gym in Dublin. Excellent coaching. Group classes are small enough so everyone gets attention from the coach. Exercises get scaled to everyone’s own personal ability. Coaches help everyone individually achieve their own personal goals. Beginners get special attention. Challenging. Classes vary constantly. Very positive and supporting atmosphere. Good Craic.

Marko Ivkovic

Excellent facility with friendly, professional coaches who really know their stuff and care about their members. Highly recommended.

Lee Morrissey

We all go to the gym to keep healthy and fit both physically and mentally, there are no egos here everyone is behind you no matter what level you are. The coaches are the best around,super professional and the facilities are excellent. There is a level of care to the individual here that is very special. Its been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Elaine Ennis

I was spending €125 a week on personal training, receiving 2 sessions a week and a program I never used. At FitBox I spend €37.50 a week, and I now train 5 days a week. I’m 3 times fitter and spend a fraction of the money I once did!

Tony O’Donnell

Executive Chef

Having reached a point in life where I had given all my attention to building a family, I found myself unhealthy and nowhere as fit as I wanted to be. I was very nervous starting but soon found I was more than supported by the Staff and in a matter of months had not only lost the unwanted lb’s but had signed up for my first Marathon!

Paula Dempsey

Executive Assistant

I was always fit and active in my teens but collage, career and life took over in my mid 20’s and I found myself feeling unhealthy and unhappy with my state of fitness and physical appearance. FitBox has allowed me to regain my fitness and self confidence again – I can’t image not training now!

Cian O’Melia

Youth Worker