The “3 F’s” to Improving your Weekend Eating Habits.

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The “3 F’s” to Improving your Weekend Eating Habits.

So let’s open our discussion with a stark fact: Friday Saturday and Sunday is 42.8% of your week. Yep 42.8%, nearly half your week’s eating! Now while enjoying our weekend is important, we cannot ignore those 3 days equal 42.8% of your week. Certainly if improved body composition is your goal,  then we cannot ignore the impact this 42.8% has on the overall outcome.


We aalso know that we are all only human and things can overwhelm us when it comes to food management & control… so we want to help you with this!

Here are our 3 F`s to successful eating on the weekend


  • Five Min Action Plan 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed come Sunday evening thinking of the week ahead? Telling yourself you have 10 million things to prep before a busy week? Monday fear setting in?

Well we love to use a 5 min action plan as a useful strategy to get motivated and get SOMETHING done, rather than nothing!

Examples of 5 min action plan of a Sunday;

  1. Leaving your work/ gym clothes out for the next morning – you are one step closer to being prepped and ready to take on the next day!
  2. Leaving a pre/post training snack in the fridge ready to grab – a piece of fruit and a high protein yoghurt would be a great combo and no food prep involved!
  3. Prepping something like overnight oats the night before takes less than 5 mins and it gives you one less thing to worry about the next day!

One 5 min action can sometimes lead to more overall productivity!


  • Focus on the fly

We believe that food is so much more than counting numbers! It can be a huge social factor to our lives – Brunch with the girlos on the weekend or grabbing dinner with the #lads. Most of us enjoy a good meal out over the weekend none the less: at the end of it all,  if we’re honest,  Food brings us together  as humans,  friends and family! 😊

If you are trying to improve your Nutrition habits, sometimes having a meal out in a group setting can be daunting. What do I eat? Will this one meal ruin my week of good nutrition?

Who wants to stress about having food with Family or friends? We want to enjoy it!

We can focus on what the options are in front of us and try go more towards a better option on the menu. We can focus on filling up on mostly protein and veggies of any kind for satiety ( your sense of fullness) Or for the rest of your day try to make better choices for the rest of your meals and snacks so the overall impact on your day is positive by days end.

  • Focus on your next meal

Weekends are to be enjoyed and not to stress about the simple things in life that we all enjoy! If you feel you went overboard with one of your meal choices, guess what? Your next meal is the perfect chance to make your over all nutrition better! If we think of it that way, we are less likely to allow one meal turn into an entire days food, which can in turn- turn into 3 days food! Remember that 42.8%?

We can loosen the reins, without falling off the horse completely!

So if you are one of the millins of humnas that struggle with their weekend eating habits,  why not choose to apply 1 of the points above each week for the comng 3 weeks … you will suddenly begin to feel less overwhelmed,  your sense of control will increase … and … you wont feel guilty come Monday morning!



Coach Chris.

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