The Real Reasons Why You’re not Losing Body Fat

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The Real Reasons Why You’re not Losing Body Fat

Body Fat; the main driving factor behind why millions around the world join their local gym,  try new diets plans and seek out a Fitness Professional to help guide them to a new leaner physique … with that said however,  many of these millions try and fail for weeks,  months and years on end to truly see the results they deserve.

The reason for these failures are varied but there are some overriding commonalities when it comes to peoples habits ( or lack of!) when trying to drop body fat that leave them coming up short time and time again. Over the last decade,  I have worked with hundreds of clients,  logging thousands of hours. Hours that were spent educating and guiding the client to help them create a new way of living,  to improve their lifestyle choices,  their adjust their perception of training,  eating,  thinking and moving and how it is all interlinked. The reality is,  many were wildly successful,  most saw good results and then there were some who decided to walk away when things became challenging,  as a result  their progress was nominal in terms of long-term change. Over this time frame the principles to reducing body fat never changed,  however the methods used did – based off the clients needs, desires,  limitations and background. With that said – here are some of the reasons why many don’t achieve long-term Body fat changes:

1.Movement First,  Training Follows.

This is the strongest reason as to why you are not losing body fat and it’s a simple case of biochemistry and physics. If you are not moving enough within your daily life,  you simply are not creating a situation internally whereby the process of body fat is promoted to occur internally. We will save you the boring geeky explanation for another time.  but the truth is too many overvalue gym work and undervalue daily steps / activity levels. You can absolutely train in a gym 5 days a week and still not meet the required movement levels to illicit fat loss. No matter what kind of training you do whether it’s Zumba,  CrossFit,  Spin class – basic movement trumps structured training. Once basic daily activity is met THEN the training session in the gym will supercharge the progress, not the other way around.We know this will be hard to hear for some, but it’s the reality. If you are told otherwise – we suggest you find another Coach / PT / Gym.


2. You’re lying to Yourself About Food Intake:

You are the average of your food choices. As humans, we are driven by emotions,  it’s absolutely understandable that food and emotions therefor will be connected,  however what we must also accept is that when we bring emotions into our actions, we can become irrational and lose our honesty. This is not to say that you are doing so intentionally – it’s just how it is,  there is a deeper process at play here that can drive us to knowingly ‘forget’ about that extra glass of wine,  the donuts with the kids or the takeaway with the partner. The reality is – change starts with honesty. Once we can develop honesty into our actions and habits surrounding your nutritional choices then we can begin to act in a more responsible  way which aligns with our end goal of Fat loss. It is also true to note that you may well be UNDER-EATING. This may sound crazy but in reality 8/10 clients with goals of fat loss are actually underfed. The rule is we ‘fuel for fat loss’. The only true way to find out the solution to your issue is to seek an educated Coach to work with and develop the plan that suits your issues.


3. You Lack Meaning to Your Results

This is a massively overlooked issue surrounding those looking for change to body fat. Generally speaking,  most clients rarely build a deeper meaning to WHY they want to change,  WHAT that would mean to them on a personal level and HOW it would change their a self-worth,  self-esteem,  self-value. They simply blindly follow a plan that they hope will cause the changes to occur. If I’m to be very straight,  70% of the changes required for fat loss come from improving the clients belief in themselves,  their actions and their behaviors. The goal is to empower the client to take ownership rather than dictate to them what they can and cannot eat like a 5year old kid in pre-school. As a Coach our vocation is to educate rather than dictate. The goal is to allow them to express themselves through re-gaining control and ultimately to become a stronger more confident human, when we do this,  their sense of worth and value improves and thus their meaning and desire to truly change for the better. Without this belief you have nothing, a degree of physical change may occur but long-term change will not be seen.


So if you are currently stuck ‘in a rut‘ with seeing change,  or maybe you are sick of endless diet plans,  fearing food and feeling tired from excessive training every week – just know that there is a much smarter,  easier and much more sustainable way to your end goals.


Feel free to reach out.

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