Turning the Needle towards Wellness.

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Turning the Needle towards Wellness.

Wellness – it’s obtained rather than given,  developed rather than expected … but is there now an issue where some of our actions surrounding our Health & Fitness are turning into a fast-track to sickness?

While this may seem an odd point to begin with,  hopefully be the end of today’s article,  you will begin to look at some of your chosen habits differently or at least begin to offer thought to some of the actions you have created within your daily / weekly health + fitness routines.

Before we go on – lets outline some basic principles surrounding Wellness / Sickness / Health.

#1 – Regardless to goals in the gym: every gym user the world over wants to improve their Wellness.(on some level!)

#2 – Our health is the average of our actions.

#3 – Time is valuable but Health & Wellness are priceless.

#4 – Sickness is a continuum from Acute issue’s to Chronic disease.

#5 – While we cannot control cellular dysfunction and thus chronic disease; we can absolutely control our actions surrounding our habits so as to allow for optimal living and thus mitigate cellular dysfunction as best we can.

If we accept the 5 points above,  and that Wellness / Sickness are related via a sliding scale of health – then we can now begin to look at the concept of ‘Turning the Needle’ in your favour so you can experience Wellness for life(!)

To define Wellness I feel its best to offer a simple yet all encompassing definition,  but secondly, I would also like to add some context to the definition,  so as to allow for a greater understanding of its fullness.

With this in mind,  the following is the definition I’m offering up for you to take onboard ( and apply!) for today’s article;

Human Wellness is the ability to operate optimally on all levels of our condition – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; so as to live,  experience and enjoy life on your terms for as long as possible.

**Now,  to the conceptual thinkers out there – the above definition could certainly be expanded upon in both its depth and context but for today’s piece,  it’s more than enough to get your head around!**

To push the conversation on further (I could write all day on this topic)  let’s fast track things and take this definition with us into our daily health + fitness routines.

I would like you to now stop and ask yourself the question – How do I create Wellness in my daily life?

If you struggle to answer with definitive actions / points,  we must then consider the idea that perhaps your daily routine is actually taking you closer to Sickness. While,  I do not offer this point to shock,  I do offer it up as a direct and frank reality for millions out there.  We must agree that if we are not working in one direction then it does leave room for the opposite direction to become our route by default. Clients will know of our obsession with ‘the power of your choices’ within your health habits and as such,  by not making a definitive choice ( and actionable steps!) then this lack of choice,  ironically becomes your choice!

( yes,  we know this all sounds abit Yoda-like but bare with us … it’ll all make sense in a little bit ,  please do continue to read on!)

So where do you begin!?

Well, to know what actions & habits we need to create,  we must acknowledge what actions create the outcome we do not want! We need to design a routine that allows the needle to remain on the side of Wellness,  working incrementally closer as each week,  month and year passes.

So with this in mind,  let’s outline some overriding actions and habits which we know promote Sickness. (Now before we continue,  for the purpose of this article,  we are accepting the opposite definition to Wellness as outlined above as the route to sickness. This would mean operating on a level within our Physical,  Mental, Emotional and Spiritual which does not create the ability to live life on your terms.)

Markers that align with greater probability of Sickness:

  • Poor Sleep Quality + Hygiene
  • Lack of ability to move body as designed due to stiffness, poor motor control and/or poor understanding.
  • Eating behaviors that do not fuel the body with appropriate energy levels or nutrients.
  • Over stimulated CNS systems due to poor training direction and/or training application(s).
  • Disconnection from nature and the natural world.
  • The lack of ability to verbally express emotions and feelings due to trauma / distorted self image.
  • No social outlet or release mechanisms to connect with other humans.
  • Lack of Purpose in life ,  nutrition and movement.


This list is merely an example of some of the issue’s,  we,  as Health Professionals know create a pathway towards sickness. While the ‘problem of sickness’ may not be felt by the individual for years down the road,  we know it’s coming. Again referring to our definition of Wellness we can see how all of the above impact the success rate of keeping the needle turning towards Wellness for years on end!


So let’s now look at the next question: What are you doing in daily life that has the potential to take you closer to Sickness?


While this causes for some real honesty with oneself if the answers are to be useful and workable,  and may ask some to address some old emotions, it is still worthy of your time and consideration. Change comes from honesty and while you may seek professional guidance to help educate with some of these truths,  ultimately you and your actions need to align if success and Wellness is to be realised.

So to end today’s concept and hopefully offer you a point of thought for the coming days ,  let us revisit the original question but now armed with info from today’s article  …


What more could you do to create increased Wellness in your Daily life?

The truth is, Wellness is yours to lose.

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