How to survive the darker months so as your can remain Healthy & Happy!

Avoid Sickness This Winter.

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Avoid Sickness This Winter.

Winter is Coming…. No, really it is! As a result so too are the days getting shorter and darker – this can impact human health on a very real level,  however, this year we also have a new element to add into the mix –Working From Home!


While we may have all enjoyed the sense of ‘freedom’ working from home afforded us when the days were warm,  bright and summery – this soon will evolve into a sense of isolation as the darker months kick in. We’ll be waking up in darkness and ending our day in darkness – we’ll move less with reduced travel to work / office, we’ll socialise less due to distancing rules,  we’ll also feel less enthused to want to get out for the lunchtime walk or evening exercise due to the cold,  miserable weather! This all adds up and can leave people in a poor sense of health ( physical, emotional and mental) along with a reduced level of happiness in themselves!


HOWEVER,  fear not – we have some survival tips in place to help you stay on top of things so as to avoid sickness,  reduced health and diminished happiness over the darker months that await us all!


  • Up Your Vitamin Game:

We all know the importance of vitamins and their impact on our health. In times of reduced natural light,  decreased movement  along with adverse weather few things are as important as ensuring we are meeting our basic vitamin levels. The main 2 to focus on are Vit-D & Vit-C. Both are very easily supplemented via capsules or tablets and for the most part a very easily purchased. Be aware of quality – potency is key. We suggest Vit-C of 1000mg per tablet ( take 2-3 per day) along with Vit-D of 5000iu per capsule (take 1-2 per day).

Both vitamins will keep immune system protected along with ensuring good absorption capacity for other vitamins such as calcium, magnesium and potassium – all of which are essential for a strong immune system!


  • Invest in a Good Outdoor Jacket:

This may seem like an odd suggestion but sit tight,  let us explain!

We know the weather is going to be less desirable over the coming months,  this then will create an impact on your desire to be outdoors in nature and fresh air – both of which are fundamental to human health! So why not invest in a good warm, waterproof outdoor jacket so when the days are a lil wetter and colder,  you have a cosy jacket to throw on and get outdoors in!

You cannot put a price on the ability to get outdoors daily – so go on … treat yourself!


  • Cold Shower:

We know this again is a slightly alternative suggestion but it comes backed by endless research which shows exposure to cold water builds huge resilience in our immune systems. Now,  we’re not saying to take a cold shower every day,  nor are we suggesting to get into the sea every day ( but that would be awesome!) … but what we would suggest is maybe 2-3 times per week,  end your shower with 90-120sec of cold water rather than hot water. It will leave you energised, alert and canbe a potent fix to a stressed nervous system*. Just be sure to have a nice warm towel ready to jump into afterwards!


  • Smoothie Love!

Start your mornings with freshness! The winter months typically offer less variance in fruits,  veggies etc…,  so why not start your mornings with a supercharged smoothie using immune boosting additions such as fresh ginger,   lemon juice or spinach leaves. A well planned smoothie can offer a huge impact to the health of our gut system and we all know…

A Healthy gut is a Healthy Human!


There are of course many other ways to help improve your immune system, but the above suggestions are simple,  cheap,  fun and offer real world improvements on every level of your human health!


*Cold water down regulates our Sympathetic nervous systems and brings the body back to a more relaxed,  health driven level of existence on a deep cellular level.*



Coach Dara

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