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Want Improved Health – Walk More

Walking … We do it everyday of our lives from the age of 1 till our very last day, and as such,  we can become complacent to it’s true value and impact on our health as a human. The world is full of humans trying all forms of fitness classes,  training programs,  diet guides; all in the hopes of obtaining a longer,  fitter life. While there are endless ways to create improved health,  not all offer the same longevity for the body. This is where walking comes into it’s own!


The benefits of walking go far beyond ‘just get away from the office desk’. It’s potency on our body,  nervous system, mind,  joints, and overall perception of health cannot be overstated. We are all aware of the need to improve our daily activity – many will choose a gym class and on many levels can overvalue the impact this actually offers. The truth of the matter from a physiological perspective is that increased steps,  done consistently over the weeks,  months and years of life offer results that in most cases are unrivaled. Some may even see it as the elixir to life.


The reasons why it is so potent can be discussed for hours and hours on end,  but for today let’s offer simple synopsis:

  • It’s repeatable, daily,  for life.
  • It’s low impact and thus offers a low strain to the body.
  • It’s manageable for ALL fitness levels from complete beginner to Olypic athlete.
  • It works in complete unison with our gentic make up.
  • It can be scaled infinitely to induce certain responses such as increased endurance,  recovery,  enjoyment.

The problem however is that it is not appreciated,  and in fact it’s avoided in many cases …. just think about all the short trips you use your car for! The convernience of the car / public transport outweighs the benefits the walking offers for many – this is the real crux to their progress,  or lack of!


If you are to set yourself a new health goal as life opens up once again post-covid – let it be walking. We typically advocate 13k per day; this is simply a requirement for health. Not only will you see the lbs drop away,  you’ll feel healthier,  more agile and more energised both in body and mind …

The progress is yours to lose.


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